Automate Server Monitoring

Imagine having your servers and network monitored 24/7, with an immediate response to issues, and automatic problem resolution ...

Automate can monitor thousands of parameters, across thousands of servers and devices, taking action when things go wrong - from a basic e-mail alert, to a full resolution of the problem !

Features of Automate:

  • Alerts via E-mail and SMS
  • Monitors the basics - CPU, Disk, Memory etc
  • Advanced monitoring of databases, mail systems, proxies and more
  • Restart services which have failed, automatically - without human involvement
  • Can fix more complex issues, such as MySQL replication
  • Escalation paths dependant upon the type of problem, time of day, and SLA
  • Automate's "agent" will work on Linux and Windows operating systems

We can provide a hands off monitoring and management service for your server(s), with the ability to handle any issues in line with your procedures and SLA's.

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